Still/Life – New prints – Solo Exhibition – Australian Print Workshop – Melbourne

This exhibition is the culmination of Belinda Fox’s 2021 Australian Print Workshop Collie Print Trust Printmaking Fellowship. The Fellowship provided the opportunity for Belinda to undertake an ambitious collaborative printmaking project with APW Printers to produce a suite of original prints including a set of 12 monoprints. With what Fox describes as a ‘playful’ approach […]

Cultivate – Solo Exhibition with Neville French – Arthouse Gallery – Sydney

Cultivate – Solo Exhibition – Arthouse Gallery – Sydney ‘Cultivate’, solo exhibition is a new collection of paintings, prints, and ceramics (in collaboration with Neville French) that will open to the public on the 5th June 2021 at Arthouse Gallery, NSW. Tai Mitsuji states in his catalogue essay ‘Belinda Fox’s exhibition, ‘Cultivate,’ suggests something essential […]

Gratitude – Solo Exhibition – Maybaum Gallery – San Francisco

Gratitude is Fox’s 3rd solo show in San Francisco with Maybaum gallery. “Although travel is a core influence on my work, I have had to adapt and look closer to home for these past two years due to the pandemic. It has helped me appreciate what I have around me, and to revel in the […]

Close to Home – Solo Exhibition – Berlin

‘Close to Home’, Fox’s final solo exhibition for 2020 opens at Michael Reid Gallery in Berlin, Germany on the 16th October. Featuring new small scale paintings and two new collaborative sculptural cabinets made with artists Wilfred Kalf, Todd Fuller and Remi Wortmeyer. This intimate and thoughtful collection of new works focus on reflections from the […]

Fragment(ed) – Solo Exhibition – Gallerysmith – Melbourne

Fox presents her second solo exhibition at Gallerysmith in Melbourne titled Fragment(ed). Fox states “Most works from Fragment(ed) were created between November 2019 and June 2020: half during polarised political divides, bushfires in Australia and environmental urgencies half during the Covid19 crisis. What a backdrop! And the diverse subject matter for this body of work […]

Fault/Lines – Solo Exhibition – Maybaum Gallery – San Francisco

In February Lisa McKimmie visited the Hague studio to view the Fault/Lines collection. Below are a few insights. Treading the line Much has been written about the willingness of Belinda Fox to straddle the divides between art discourses. Fox’s work has been described as embracing polarities; the positive and negative, painting versus drawing, abstraction or […]

You need the light to cast a shadow – Solo Exhibition – Arthouse Gallery – Sydney

“There is a terrible beauty in this blackness: one material on the edge of becoming another…” Edmund De Waal Fusing together profoundly personal and global concerns, Belinda Fox’s new series lays bare the paradoxes endemic to contemporary human experience. Working in painting, drawing, glass, sculpture, printmaking and collaboration, Fox examines the volatility of our era, excavating the iridescent […]

Introduce Yourself – Solo Exhibition – Maybaum Gallery – San Francisco

Fox’s first USA solo exhibition ‘Introduce Yourself’ takes inspiration from director Christina Maybaums’ vision for her new gallery – to focus on ‘process driven work that reveals the artist’s hand’. This new body of work will provide the audience with a full sense of how the artist works in layers, in textures, in materials. The show will […]

Op de Vriendschap! – Group show – Kunstmuseum – The Netherlands

Op de vriendschap! will feature beautiful 16th /17th glass Dutch glass works that explore the wondrous and curious glass engraving techniques that celebrate ritual and community. Curator Suzanne Lambooy also invited Fox to create a contemporary exemplar of glass engraving that also held secret messages and fine engraving techniques. ‘6 Letters’ and ‘3 Days’ were created […]

Drawing a Line – Solo Exhibition – Michael Reid Galleries – Berlin

“There is an interweaving thread that works its way through Belinda Fox’s first solo exhibition in Berlin. Materiality and technique connect each individual work, which collectively embodies a Janus perspective. Janus, the Roman deity looked simultaneously forward and back, a dialogue that speaks to the intentional layering and transition found at the core of Fox’s […]

Tapestry – Solo Exhibition with Neville French – Arthouse Gallery – Sydney

Notions of survival materialise in ‘Tapestry’ as Fox examines the volatility of our era. Currently based in The Hague, The Netherlands, the artist presents us with a new chapter in her practice informed by a global perspective. The show expands upon humanitarian concerns surrounding the refugee crisis recently raised in Fox’s multi- media installation ‘Tilt’ […]