Belinda Fox

Still/Life – New prints – Solo Exhibition – Australian Print Workshop – Melbourne

June 11, 2022
 - July 16, 2022

This exhibition is the culmination of Belinda Fox’s 2021 Australian Print Workshop Collie Print Trust Printmaking Fellowship. The Fellowship provided the opportunity for Belinda to undertake an ambitious collaborative printmaking project with APW Printers to produce a suite of original prints including a set of 12 monoprints.

With what Fox describes as a ‘playful’ approach to printmaking, the artist worked with APW Printers Martin King and Simon White to explore unconventional techniques in intaglio etching, lithography, stencil work and collage to develop the suite.

This body of work is a meditation on Fox’s experience of returning home to Australia after considerable time abroad including in The Netherlands and Singapore. Reflecting on this transition, the works explore themes of movement, rupture, dislocation and belonging in a powerful evocation of the beauty and complexity of human life. Incorporating a range of printmaking techniques, collage and hand colouring, the prints flow freely around nature, moving through space, fractured, and always dislocated by a central line, then forming in several works as two hemispheres of a moon jar resting on a solid foundation. Whole and no longer adrift but with the wandering lines now inscribed on the body of the vessel, a part of its form.

For Fox, these works are an expression of “the coming and going of life, its meandering and windy turns, its messiness, and beauty, and ultimately a quest of trying to make sense of what home is to me. The works ebb and flow and perhaps offer no real solutions except a feeling of searching and investigating the nature of what it is to be living.”

Below is a selection of works in show. Photos by Andrew Curtis.