Belinda Fox

Tapestry – Solo Exhibition with Neville French – Arthouse Gallery – Sydney

October 12, 2017
 - October 28, 2017

Notions of survival materialise in ‘Tapestry’ as Fox examines the volatility of our era. Currently based in The Hague, The Netherlands, the artist presents us with a new chapter in her practice informed by a global perspective. The show expands upon humanitarian concerns surrounding the refugee crisis recently raised in Fox’s multi- media installation ‘Tilt’ at Manly Art Gallery and Museum, collaboratively created with Neville French. In harrowing moments frozen in time, thin veils of watercolour render tempestuous waves while faint, faceless figures scramble up sinking ships like already-forgotten presences washed away from collective memory. Meanwhile, poppies bloom in remembrance and seagulls watch on, witnesses to humanity’s failures and resilience and supreme adaptors to an increasingly unstable environment. Fragments from previous paintings and pages from historical documents are collaged throughout the works in a patchwork of personal and political history. In her search for balance and harmony, Fox invokes the precarious line that divides hope and despair, empathy and cruelty, beauty and decay. – Elli Walsh (to view ceramics go to Tilt Manly exhibition)