Belinda Fox

Fall – solo exhibition with Neville French – Sydney Contemporary Art Fair – Sydney

September 7, 2023
 - September 11, 2023

“For Fox, the inspiration for a new body of work often comes at a period of transition or change within her own life – travel, childbirth, upheaval, relocation.The genesis of Fall was the artist’s experience of a magical moment in The Netherlands, her then home, just prior to her family’s return to Australia. Riding through the park while taking her daughter to school, she experienced a scene of incredible beauty. The landscape was covered with one of the first falls of snow while the autumn leaves fell gently from the trees, covering the ground in a tapestry of amber and white. Knowing that this would soon disappear, as the snow melted and turned to mush, made the experience moving and poignant. It spoke powerfully to her of fragility, the difficulty of change, and the extraordinary wonder of nature. The sense of wonder she experienced while witnessing, and somehow being part of the turning of the season, remained emblematic. It is this sense – of stillness, and of everything being poised to change – that she and her long-term collaborator, ceramicist Neville French, hope to capture in Fall.” (extract from essay by Kelly Gelatly, 2022)