Belinda Fox

Yield – Solo exhibition – Maybaum Gallery – San Francisco

September 1, 2023
 - September 30, 2023
Marked by a deep concern for the human experience and the natural world, Belinda Fox’s work deploys a multitude of artistic techniques to address her expansive subject matter. Fox, who was born in Melbourne and formally trained as a printmaker, uses multiple material approaches in her compositions. A single image might contain the careful and considered lines of a masterful drawing combined with the loose and gestural application of watercolor or acrylic spray. These starkly opposing methods are deployed so deftly that it can take the viewer a moment to sense how intricate and textured her works are. The control of her lines against the pulsing, slippery sense of color and pigment are a perfect metaphor for Fox’s interpretation of the beauty and the chaos of living in the contemporary moment.