Belinda Fox

Op de Vriendschap! – Group show – Kunstmuseum – The Netherlands

September 29, 2018
 - February 3, 2019

Op de vriendschap! will feature beautiful 16th /17th glass Dutch glass works that explore the wondrous and curious glass engraving techniques that celebrate ritual and community. Curator Suzanne Lambooy also invited Fox to create a contemporary exemplar of glass engraving that also held secret messages and fine engraving techniques. ‘6 Letters’ and ‘3 Days’ were created with the master glass blowers at the Glaslab at the National Glas Museum in Leerdam (see project page for the making process). These two works are a direct response to the leaked case files of Australian human rights abuses of the off shore refugee asylum seekers. The work aims to bring a human voice to those who are ‘invisible’ and to show compassion to those still incarcerated for a crime they have not committed.