Belinda Fox

The light crept in – solo exhibition – Art Gallery of Ballarat – Victoria

May 4, 2024
 - August 11, 2024

Belinda Fox is a Melbourne-based artist who works across printmaking, painting, drawing, glass, sculpture and collaboration. Her two-room installation The light crept in is an uplifting exhibition which speaks to finding light in times of darkness and the importance of finding nourishment in our everyday environment.  

Precious objects and intricate artworks serve as reminders to protect and pay attention to the natural environment which is suffering in a seemingly endless cycle of drought, flood, bushfire and other catastrophic weather events. Glass objects made in collaboration with Canberra Glassworks are presented by Fox as memory keepers which capture and release light and colour. Ceramic vessels in the form of traditional Korean moon jars, made in collaboration with revered Buninyong-based ceramic artist Neville French, are a reminder of the fragility of nature and serve as a prompt to recognise perfection in the imperfect.