Belinda Fox

Gratitude – Solo Exhibition – Maybaum Gallery – San Francisco

November 17, 2021
 - December 31, 2021

Gratitude is Fox’s 3rd solo show in San Francisco with Maybaum gallery.

“Although travel is a core influence on my work, I have had to adapt and look closer to home for these past two years due to the pandemic. It has helped me appreciate what I have around me, and to revel in the everyday, the small mercies. So ‘Gratitude’ is a celebration of all that I hold dear. Memories of places, small wonders, and beauty in nature. It isn’t a grand gesture, that might have to wait. It is a truthful expression of this moment in time where our garden becomes a world, and our family are held closer, and we wait for brighter days when we can travel again and visit galleries and be in crowds and oh goodness I really can’t wait for that day. For now, I must be grateful for what I have, and dream of exciting days to come”. – Fox 2021