Belinda Fox

Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery, VIC

Swan Hill Regional Gallery recently displayed Fox’s ‘Backwards/Forwards’ installation to accompany a curated exhibition ‘Changed Forever: Legacies of Conflict’.
Changed forever is a touching and inspiring exhibition from the Shrine of Remembrance. It tells the stories of ADF personnel as well as refugees, survivors of conflict that Australia has been involved in over the last 30 years or so and how the visual arts have helped these people cope with PTSD.    
Gallery director Ian Tully stated “Backwards/Forwards would be a wonderful piece to “support” the exhibition” as this work comments on the civilian impact of war and conflict in regions our soldiers have fought. ‘Backwards/Forwards’ is part of the Swan Hill Regional Gallery permanent collection. (photo from original installation at Fremantle Art Center, WA 2006)

When: 1st April – 15th May 2022

Where: Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery, VIC

More info: show notes