Belinda Fox

Baldessin – The Legacy – Group show – Melbourne

George Baldessin’s studio is still alive and buzzing with creative energy, 44 years after the artist’s abrupt and tragic departure. George died at the age of just 39, but left behind him a substantial legacy. This was not only his exquisitely poignant works of art, but also his hand built stone studio furnished with choice printmaking equipment including his iconic motorised etching press. As well as this material legacy, he left us a wealth of goodwill, generosity of spirit
and enthusiasm for making art, especially prints. The beginnings of the Baldessin Studio in its current iteration were established in 2001 by George Baldessin’s widow, Tess, once she had returned from France after 17 years in chosen exile. Designed and run by artists, for artists, the studio operates as a not-for-profit organisation that values its enduring role in the arts community as a centre for ideas and production. George’s legacy of cultivating creative experiences lives on in the studio in the bush at St Andrews, which continues to welcome artists
every day of the week.

This vibrant group exhibition presents works created at the Baldessin Studio by 29 contemporary artists (including Belinda), both established and emerging, working across a wide range of styles, genres and techniques.

When: 25th October – 12th November 2022

Where: Australian Galleries 28 and 35 Derby St Collingwood 3066

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