Belinda Fox

Add it Up – Solo exhibition – Mildura Arts Centre – Victoria

Add it Up is a solo exhibition that spans two spaces: the survey room and the collage room.

The survey room features selected works from 2011 to present, and loosely focuses on the idea of ‘a sense of place’. The collage room highlights the large-scale paper installations in the Mildura Arts Centre Collection, titled ‘Finding my way I and II’ from 2009. 
Another integral part of the second room is The Collage Project, a new large-scale, experimental, and community-based work, developed in collaboration with local schools and art groups from the Mildura region. 

A beautiful 40pg catalogue has been published by Mildura Arts Centre, designed by my Netherlands friends at Studio Renate Boere. Please contact the gallery to purchase a copy. 


Now showing until 13th August, 2023.


Artist talk on the 4th August at 1pm.


Mildura Arts Centre

199 Cureton Avenue Mildura VIC 3500
Phone 03 5018 8330l  Visit

Installation: Video