2021/ Gratitude – Exhibition – San Fransisco, USA

Gratitude is Fox's 3rd solo show in San Fransisco with Maybaum gallery. "Although travel is a core influence on my work, I have had to adapt and look closer to [...]

2021/ Cultivate – Short video – Exhibition – Sydney – Australia

Video by Simon Hewson In June 2021 Cultivate opened in Sydney Australia. For those who missed it here is a short video of the exhibition. Courtesy of Arthouse gallery and [...]

2021/ Cultivate – Exhibition – Sydney – Australia

'Belinda Fox’s exhibition, ‘Cultivate’, suggests something essential about our present moment. After eight and a half years living abroad, Fox recently uprooted her life and returned to Australia and the [...]

2020/ Close to Home – Exhibition – Berlin – Germany

'Close to Home is an exhibition that ebbs and flows. It is about appreciating and piecing together the fragments – rolling with the punches, riding the swell and learning to [...]

2020/ Fragment(ed) – Short video – Den Haag Studio

Video was made with assistance from STROOM and Gallerysmith.

2020/ Fragment(ed) – Exhibition – Melbourne – Australia

Most works from Fragment(ed) were created between November 2019 and June 2020: half during polarised political divides, bushfires in Australia and environmental urgencies half during the Covid19 crisis. What a [...]

2020/ Fault/Lines – Exhibition – San Francisco – USA

In February Lisa McKimmie visited the Hague studio to view the Fault/Lines collection. Below are a few insights. Treading the line Much has been written about the willingness of Belinda [...]

2019/ You need the light to cast a shadow – Exhibition – Sydney Australia

“There is a terrible beauty in this blackness: one material on the edge of becoming another…” Edmund De Waal Fusing together profoundly personal and global concerns, Belinda Fox’s new series lays [...]

2019/ Sculptural Cabinets – Process – Collaboration with Wilfred Kalf in The Netherlands

Belinda Fox and Wilfred Kalf met through framer Eva Ooms in Holland. Both Fox and Kalf share in a passion for sustainable practices and conscious consumption. From their first meeting Fox [...]

2018/ Op de vriendschap! – Short video – Netherlands

In 2018 The Kunstmuseum (formally Gemeentemuseum) in Den Haag created a short video about the glass sculpture '6 Letters'. To watch please click here: 6 Letters.

2018/ Introduce Yourself – Exhibition – San Francisco, USA

Fox’s first USA solo exhibition ‘Introduce Yourself’ takes inspiration from director Christina Maybaums’ vision for her new gallery – to focus on ‘process driven work that reveals the artist’s hand’. This new [...]

2018/ Glass works – Process – Making of glass sculptures 6 Letters and 3 Days

For six months in 2018 three glass sculptures were realised with the expert guidance and talents of master glass blowers Gert Burlee and Geir Nustad from The Glaslab at the [...]

2018/ Pedestal – Exhibition – Melbourne, Australia

'Pedestal' will be Fox's first solo exhibition in Melbourne for five years and her first with Gallerysmith. This new series of paintings considers the notion that ideas which can be held [...]

2018/ Drawing a Line – Exhibition – Berlin, Germany

"There is an interweaving thread that works its way through Belinda Fox’s first solo exhibition in Berlin. Materiality and technique connect each individual work, which collectively embodies a Janus perspective. [...]

2018/ Op de vriendschap! – Exhibition – Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Netherlands

Op de vriendschap! will feature beautiful 16th /17th glass Dutch glass works that explore the wondrous and curious glass engraving techniques that celebrate ritual and community. Curator Suzanne Lambooy also [...]

2017/ Tilt – Process – Making ceramics with Neville French

In Christmas 2016 Fox and French reconnected for their fourth collaboration to make a new series of porcelain ceramics for the 'Tilt' installation at The Manly Museum and Art Gallery [...]

2017/ Tilt – Exhibition – Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Sydney

In 2017 Fox exhibited an ambitious installation at Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Sydney. The works comprised of large scale digital pigment prints, paintings and a series of ceramics made [...]

2017/ Tapestry – Exhibition – Sydney

In 2017 Fox showcased new paintings for 'Tapestry' at Arthouse Gallery, NSW to compliment the 'Tilt' series of digital prints, paintings and collaborative ceramics with Neville French. An article by [...]

2016/ Balancing the World – Exhibition, Singapore

In 2016 Fox exhibited at Chan Hampe Galleries, Singapore for Art Week. The exhibition featured paintings, original wall drawings and four new ceramic sculptures in collaboration with Jason Lim. To [...]

2016/ Still/Life – Exhibition – Hong Kong

In 2016 Fox exhibited a new series of paintings for her second solo exhibition at Cat Street Gallery Hong Kong. To read more about the show go to: article published in [...]

2015/ Balancing the world – Short video – Singapore studio

In 2015 Belinda’s friend Haw Kong (Wah) spent some time in her Singapore studio in the lead up to Sydney Contemporary Art Fair. Here is a behind the scenes look […]

2015/ Balancing the world – Exhibition – Sydney Contemporary

'Balancing the world'  featured painting, ceramics, prints, drawings and sculpture at Sydney Contemporary Art Fair for Arthouse Gallery, Australia. Walsh describes the work "Fox’s paintings and prints are colonised by [...]

2015/ Artist in Residence – Process – C.A.P printmaking residency, Thailand

March 2015 Belinda and her artist friend Melinda Schawel traveled to C.A.P studios in Thailand to make a new series of prints for their upcoming exhibition at Beaver galleries in [...]

2015/ Balancing the World – Process – ceramics made with Jason Lim in Singapore

During 2015 Belinda collaborated with Singapore ceramic artist Jason Lim. This innovative and unique work was produced for the Sydney Contemporary Art fair and also for Chan Hampe Gallery in Singapore. These [...]

2014/ Extract – Process – making of steel sculpture for Korean International Art Fair 2014

In 2014 Fox worked with highly acclaimed Urban Arts Projects in Shanghai to make an experimental mild steel sculpture. The sculpture featured in Fox's solo exhibition at the Korean International [...]

2014/ Excavate – Exhibition – Sydney

In 2014 Fox exhibited a large body of new paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics and prints at Arthouse Gallery NSW. The exhibition was wonderfully documented by Belle magazine and Artist Profile [...]

2013/ Back to the Start – Exhibition – Melbourne

In 2013 Fox exhibited a new series of paintings at Scott Livesey Galleries Melbourne.

2013/ Hua Ping – Exhibition – Hong Kong

In 2013 Fox exhibited her first solo exhibition at Cat Street Galleries in Hong Kong. The show included paintings and 5 new collaborative ceramics made with Neville French.