Exciting new sculptural glass and wood/metal cabinet works have been designed and created for Fox’s upcoming Sydney solo show in September with dutch artisan Wilfred Kalf and Belinda Fox. This truly unique project combines hand blown glass from a recent residency at the National Glass museum in Leerdam, lighting, exquisite dutch local wood and cabinetry, brass inlay and laser cut aluminium. Basing these sculptural works on childhood memories where darkness is strange and intriguing, sometimes scary but always alluring these ‘night lights’ play with the comfort and warmth the light brings to the darkness expressing not only this moment in ones own life but a greater reflection on finding solace in darker times.


‘You need the light to cast a shadow’ featuring all new paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture.


Arthouse Gallery

66 McLachlan Ave Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011


18/9/2019 – 5/10/2019

More Info: 

Go to Works page for images of the process of creating the cabinets and glass. For sales please visit: www.arthousegallery.com.au

and would you like to know more about Wilfred? Please visit his website: www.wilfredkalf.nl