Belinda Fox and Wilfred Kalf met through framer Eva Ooms in Holland. Both Fox and Kalf share in a passion for sustainable practices and conscious consumption. From their first meeting Fox found inspiration in Kalf’s artisanal vision and together this project came to be. Kalf is a slow designer who creates beauty with undivided attention. His practice is centered in the story of the tree, both as material and mother to his creations. Once the tree has been felled, it floats for a year or longer in the balkengat, an overgrown pond in which trunks float amongst the duckweed. In this time new growth appears or rather the tree is seen to decay, in either case the timber becomes stronger. Sawn the tree unfolds like a book revealing aconcealed history and providing Kalf with the inspiration for his designs.

Together Fox and Kalf decided to work on a series of light box cabinets which play with shadow and light, a thread seen in Fox’s paintings which pair the weight of woodcuts with the lightness of watercolour. To create the light elements, Fox collaborated with glass blower Gert Bullée from the National Glass Museum, Netherlands, engraving her own signature line work across their surface casting shadows outwards and revealing beauty within. Fox speaks of the process as a humbling journey in which a “shared vision, respect and mutual trust” is distilled into a form, a celebration of the human connection she has found through her practice.This new collection of sculptural objects is the product of many hands and hearts working in unison, a togetherness that transcends cultural divides in which a light emerges from a darkness all too pervasive in the current political climate. – Jyles Reynolds 2019

The following images show the creative process of the making of the 5 cabinets made for ‘You need the light to cast a shadow’ exhibition. To view final works go to WORK page.