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Day to Day review

Sasha Grishin, Canberra Times 21/9/10

Day to Day essay

Trent Walter, 2010.

Art Collector Top 50 list

Top 50 for 2009.
Vol 47 pg.195, Jan – March 2009

Behind the Camouflage article

Thomas Middlemost, Imprint magazine Vol. 42 No. 4 pages 1-2 2007

Catalogue from Backwards – Forwards Exhbition Fremantle W.A.

Catalogue-zine from residency and exhibition at the Fremantle Art Centre. Includes interview with Belinda and the exhibition curator Jasmin Stephens. 2007.

Contemplative Offerings – the art of Belinda Fox 2007 article

Carol Archer, Macau Closer Magazine, June 2007 issue, pg70-72

Singapore Tyler Institute 2006 article

Katherine McDonald, ImPrint Magazine Vol 41, N3 pg:12-13

Balancing Act at Arthouse Gallery 2006 Catalogue essay

Thomas Middlemost, ‘Balancing act’ solo show, Art Curator, CSU Art Collection

I Saw a Thousand Buddhas Dance Catalogue essay

Katherine McDonald for ‘Shadow of a Doubt’ solo exhibition in 2005

International Printer-Artist Exchange article

Sue Forster, Imprint Magazine Vol 39, N4 pg:6-7 2004

At the Still Point review

Kirsten Rann, Imprint Magazine Vol 38,N3, pg:20 2003

Title: Gentle Persuasion II, 2006. Medium: mixed media on paper. Size: 160 x 130 cm.